3D Hall sensor and more

High Precision Analog Hall Effect Sensor

HE444 3-dimensional Hall Sensor Series

The 27 km long CERN LHC particle accelerator has a large number of super-conducting cryogenic magnets installed to control and focus the particle beams, Hall sensors can here be used for mapping of the magnetic field. Credit to CERN

The 3-dimensional HE444-series has 3 times the HE244 integrated in a very small ceramic package where all axes cross in the same center point. Axes do not influence each other and they are separately accessible without PHE-errors. The HE444 makes it possible to measure both magnetic field strength and 3D direction using one sensor.

  • Range from a µTesla up to 10 Tesla and above
  • Measures both positive and negative fields with very high precision
  • Very low noise
  • Very wide temperature range; a high temperature version up to +250°C/+480°F is also available
  • Very low temperature coefficient
  • Very low offset
  • Ultra-low drift as well as long term drift
  • Extremely low PHE (Planar Hall Effect) Error.
  • Z-field measurements show no X- and Y-field errors

Solderpad pinout as three times the HE244 Hall sensor. For testing, the HE244 can be used, each axis is identical, but the HE444 shows an even better PHE reduction.

For dynamic, low noise measurements, we recommend sensor currents of 2 mA or lower for each channel of the HE444. For higher output, sensor currents up to 10 mA can be used. As a rule of thumb, the HE444 series gives an output of 0,2 V/T at 2 mA sensor current.

Typical Applications:

  • Precise 3D magnetometers
  • Measuring precise 3D homogenous fields
  • Mapping magnetic fields
  • Precise 3D positioning
  • MRI scanners
  • Universities, research facilities


The HE444 sensor is currently under redesign and will not be deliverable until further notice

HE444 3D Hall sensor


SMD with ceramic enclosure.

Fine pads that can be soldered, micro-welded or wire bonded.

Size: 3,3 mm cube

HE444T / HE444HT

Standard or high temp wires.

20 cm pair-twisted wires as standard.


Mounted on T-shaped PCB

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors can be integrated with other dies for temperature compensation.

Suitable for wide temperature ranges like down-hole drilling.

We use high reliability sensors based on Pt 100, Pt 1000, Ni 1000

Ultrathin versions are possible.