Hall Sensor Product Overview

Linear High Precision 

Analog Hall Effect Sensors


  • Our Hall effect sensors are based on Analog IC's and measures both strong and weak magnetic fields with very high precision.

  • The magnetic field range is very wide: from a few micro-Tesla up to 10 Tesla or even more!
  • Sensor exchange for different field ranges is no longer necessary.
  • Resolution is very high, even down to ppm level, and sensors can be used with modern strong magnets without saturation.
  • Linearity is very good; error is typically 0,1 % at 1,5 Tesla.
  • Sensors are robust, they can be used outside several specifications and still work. The Hall sensors are for example already tested in liquid nitrogen and even down to 4°K with excellent result. Application areas range from cryogenic up to high-temperature down-hole applications, even radiation hardened in space.
  • All sensors are produced in Sweden and RoHS and REACH compatible.
  • Can be used as pin-compatible replacement for the original Siemens / Infineon KSY14 and KSY44 Hall sensor.

Gallium Arsenide Linear High Precision analog Hall Sensors


Our 1-dimensional Analog Hall sensor line includes the HE144 and the HE244 series.

The sensors are optimized for low sensor currents: 1 mA and 2 mA respectively.

HE144 Hall sensor series

The HE144 series is the simplest in the Analog Hall Sensor product line. Even so, it is very precise and possesses many of the features that characterizes the more advanced HE244 Hall Sensor series.

Resolution is in the order of milli-Tesla.

HE244 Hall sensor series

Are you looking for a Hall effect sensor that can measure with extremely high accuracy and detect even the smallest changes within small as well as large magnetic fields? Then we suggest that you take a look at our HE244 Hall sensor series.

The HE244 series is not only extremely precise, but also very stable.

Resolution is in the order of µ-Tesla.

The HE244 series also has a very low offset and temperature drift. 


Our 3-dimensional Analog Hall sensor line includes the HE444 series.

The sensors are optimized for low sensor currents of 2 mA.

HE444 3D Hall sensor

The 3-dimensional HE444-series has 3 times the HE244 integrated in a very small ceramic package where all axes cross in the same centre point. The HE444 makes it possible to measure both magnetic field strength and 3D direction using one sensor.



  • The Hall sensors measure positive as well as negative magnetic fields.
  • The Hall sensor chip is based on gallium arsenide (GaAs)
  • Measurements are real time, with no delays due to filters in components.
  • Packages are small with low inductance and low EMC and magnetic loop pickup, also at low frequencies.
  • The Hall sensors have a current input and differential voltage output.
  • They can be used as RoHS replacements for the original Siemens / Infineon KSY14 and KSY44 or even the  KSY10 and KSY13 Hall sensors.



New Additions to the HE244 Series

are now available


You can download our Hall sensor brochure for more information

Hall sensor circuit


You will soon be able to buy our standard Hall sensors directly in our web shop.

Until then, you can just send us an e-mail request and we will provide you with all the information you need.

Hoeben Electronics


MA Kapsllingsteknik AB
Hoeben Electronics KSY44 KSY14 Siemens
NJ Innovation AB


Asensor Technology AB develops and produces advanced sensors mainly based on semiconductors. Our products range from Hall sensors, temperature sensors to NDIR emitters and receivers. We use proven technologies with long-term reliability, stability and also a lot of innovation!

The business started as a collaboration between Hoeben Electronics in Netherlands and M A Kapslingsteknik in Sweden as a consequence of the need for a new Hall sensor chip that could replace the obsolete Siemens KSY components.

The first PCB-based Hall sensor prototypes were produced at M A Kapslingsteknik AB in early 2008 soon followed by leadframe prototypes in KSY-style. In  the end of that year, the first HE144P production lots were ready for our customers. Since then, the business has evolved with new sensors and additional packages.

In late 2012, Asensor Technology AB was founded as a company  with joint ownership between Netherlands and Sweden. Electronic/software design and development of new sensor technologies takes place in Netherlands. Product development and production takes place in Sweden.

All our sensors can now be bought directly from Asensor Technology in Sweden