HE244S Ultra Stable High Precision Hall Sensor

Typical applications
  • Solderpad pinout as the HE144P, versions with pins are pin-compatible
  • Measures strong magnetic fields with very high precision
  • Very low offset, with ultra low TC drift on offset
  • Has a wide temperature range
  • Ultra low offset drift
  • Ultra low long term offset drift
  • Very low noise
  • Real time, no delays due to filters in components
  • Very wide range from a few µTesla to many Tesla
  • Ultra low PHE (Planar Hall Effect Error), meaning Z field measurements show no X and Y field errors
  • XRay resistant
  • Typical 500 Ohm and 0,2 Volt/Tesla at 2 mA
  • Moves Hall measurements into the 6+ digit range!
Servo current controller
  • Measuring precize homogenous fields in research institutes, nuclear power plants
  • Precize current and power sensors
  • Closed loop current sensors where a very stable zero and fast sensor is needed
  • Measure both strongly magnetized metals ánd remanent (rest) magnetism with one sensor
  • Low DC current sensing in strong AC currents, for example in windmills where only a limited DC current is allowed to be fed into the net
  • Measurements in small metal, magnet and ferrite airgaps
   Technical information can be found here:HE244 datasheetHE244 Datasheet