HE144SH High Precision Hall Sensor

Typical applications
HE144 Ratiometric Analog Hall Sensor
  • Same performance as the HE144P but in a SMD version with gold plated solder pads at the bottom
  • Measures strong magnetic fields with very high precision
  • Has a very wide temperature range
  • Low drift
  • Low TC on offset
  • Low long-term drift
  • Very low noise
  • Low temperature coefficients
  • Real time, no delays due to filters in components
  • Wide usable range from milliTesla range to many Tesla
  • Ultra low PHE (Planar Hall Effect Error), meaning Z field measurements show no X and Y field errors
  • XRay resistant
  • Typical 1000 Ohm and 0,2 Volt/Tesla at 1 mA
  • Magnetometers
  • Wind generators
  • Valve control
  • Servo control
  • Positioning
  • Pressure measurement
  • Multi-sensor and differential usage
  • Neodymium magnetic field measurements
  • Layer thickness measurement - Schichtdickenmessung
   Technical information can be found here: HE144 datasheetHE144 Analog Hall sensor Datasheet
   A useful application note about offset compensation: HE144 Hall sensor application noteHE144 Hall sensor Datasheet