High Precision Analog Hall Sensor

HE144 Hall Sensor Series


Pin version



Body size: 2,2 x 3,1 mm

Total length 14,3 mm

Pitch 1,27 mm

Max thickness 0,70 mm

HE144P replacementSiemens Infineon  KSY14 KSY44


Fine pads suitable for soldering or microwelding




Size: 3,0 x 5,0 mm

Max thickness 0,50 mm


HE144T / HE144HT

Standard or high temp wires.

20 cm pair-twisted wires as standard



Size: 3,0 x 5,0 mm

Max thickness 0,50 mm



Horizontal SMD version with gold plated pads at the bottom




Size: 3,0 x 3,0 mm

Max thickness 0,50 mm

HE144P Hall sensor KSY14 and KSY44 replacement

The HE144P pin version can be used as pin-to-pin replacement for Siemens / Infineon KSY14 and KSY44 Hall sensors.

(RoHS and REACH compatible)


  • Wide range from a milli-Tesla up to 10 Tesla and above
  • Measures both positive and negative fields with high precision
  • Very low noise
  • Very wide temperature range; a high temperature version up to +250°C/+480°F is also available
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Low temperature coefficient on offset
  • Low drift as well as long term drift
  • Ultra low PHE (Planar Hall Effect) Error.

Z-field measurements show no X- and Y-field errors

  • XRay resistant


For dynamic, low noise measurements, we recommend sensor currents of 1 mA or lower for each channel of the HE144. For higher output, sensor currents up to 5 mA can be used.

As a rule of thumb, the HE144 series gives an output of 0,2 V/T at 1 mA sensor current.






´Typical Applications:

  • Magnetometers
  • Neodymium magnetic field measurements
  • Positioning
  • Pressure measurement
  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Multi-sensor and differential usage
  • Valve control
  • Servo control
  • Wind generators


Application notes:



Vertical SMD version with gold plated pads at the side


Size: 3,0 x 3,0 mm

Max thickness 0,70 mm

At the moment under reconstruction to make assembly easier for the customer



On ceramic substate for high temperature applications. Also usable in cryogenic applications.

20 cm pair-twisted high temp wires as standard


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